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The gm(48) is a quarterly 48 hours GameMaker game jam from the community of /r/GameMaker . It is organized and kept up to date by the organizers, who also pay for the website and its upkeep.

In the past, the website was a part of a shared server deal, which meant a low bill, but limited resources. As the gm(48) grows, so does our need for more memory, better processing and larger storage space. The result of this need is increased costs, and as a bunch of hobbyists, some of which are students, these costs could potentially mean a missed meal or two.

We have continously upgraded the website, and it is just barely capable of keeping up with the large demand of the numerous gm(48) participants that we see every gm(48). The new website costs us $25 every month, a total of $300 for a year – not including any additional fees. If every developer of the 23rd gm(48) donated the price of a coffee, we will have covered the costs for another 3.11 editions of the gm(48).

If the website went down, we'd lose the amazing 593 games available for any one to freely download and play. The incredible 30 winning games found from the many 3188 ratings and the constructive feedback given by 722 users would be lost to history. The 23rd gm(48) could be the last ever held.

We are in need of your help to keep this game jam running.

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Thank you for your donation, – Peter "tehwave" Jørgensen

It's the only GameMaker game jam that's worth participating in.

It's well-supported and every time I'm shocked at how good the game entries are!

It pushes me to be a faster, better developer.

Joining gm(48) has been a great experience.

I think Simon Milfred and I made a robust team and we had so much fun.

Will do it again!

GameMaker users will surprise themselves with how much they learn and create in 48 hours.

The gm(48) is a great challenge with an amazing community and quality games resulting from it.

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Your donation keeps us running

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Thank you for your donation, – Peter "tehwave" Jørgensen

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  • Participate in the gm(48)

We appreciate and welcome any contribution, monetary or otherwise.


We would like to give thanks to the following persons for their contributions to our game jam

  • Veralos
  • THTerra
  • Bakufreak
  • Blokatt
  • Juju
  • toothsoup
  • Cajoled
  • username303
  • Rohbert
  • hypnozizziz
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  • ...and many others.