• Titanfist
  • 3 years ago


GRAVITAS In Gravitas, you play the role of a astronaut, flung from their space station into a vertical plummet through five different types of strange environments! Avoid obstacles, shoot enemies, and get as far as you can!

All code, sprites, and music was written fresh for this jam! No templates or extensions were used. Please take this into account when rating our game! Programs used: Aseprite, Ableton Live, Gifcam, Sourcetree.

PLAY AN UPDATED VERSION HERE! Obviously you can't rate us based on any updated versions, but we'll be working on it for the next couple of weeks. Let us know if you think we've improved it!

Controls Press Enter to start your fall!

Arrow keys to move left and right, and be sure to use up and down to get short bursts of hover and dive!

Shift+an arrow key (8 directional) will shoot in that direction. Be quick though, because you won't have control of your fall while you line up an energy blast!

You only have 5 health, so try not to get hit by enemies' bullets!

That's it, enjoy the trip. :)


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