Really Bad GPS

Really Bad GPS

  • Baku
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified

Wow this GPS navigation app sucks!!

It doesn't even make a route for you, instead you gotta drag a line between three or more pins of the same colour to build shapes, which are then used to generate a route for you??

That's so weird man

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💡 Here's a tip for you

I didn't quite balance the level generation's enemy placement, as well as enemy HP values, well enough, so I suggest creating short routes, and not too many routes per trip!


🚧 Very very unfinished !!

I had planned features such as upgradable health/damage, incentives to create longer routes, incentives to create more routes per trip, and incentives to mix diffently coloured routes in a trip, but didn't have time to implement everything! :(

Don't get your hopes up too high, Prob! 😜

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  • Nosiri-N
    Nosiri-N Nosiri-N Level 2

    lol yePhone, Gaggle. The game is actually really interesting and the text sound adds to the humor. Its a really good game in 48hrs

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 20

    Well, the humor excited me at first. Plus, the polish and game feel really made a difference. However, ya can't have a good game without good gameplay, and just shoooting and shooooting is kinda booooring. Especially when enemies can get stuck behind a block (luckily the bullet collision system was also bad enough to let some bullets through and kill it) I also think that since the main gameplay is mainly just shooting, the theme doesn't really pass. Though I gotta say, it's a quite creative idea.

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 59
    • There is enough space in the planning route screen, I would have wished to have a reminder of what I was supposed to do and what the symbols were about, but I guess lack of time
    • Not a fan of a jam game (or actually any game, but that specifically might be too personal) starting full screen. Especially since it's possible for some people to have the Anti Virus issue, it usually is better for convenience to have the game in window so that we can see the anti virus analysis to tell him to let us play in peace
    • Pretty interesting concept! I think it would have been a pretty fun game with more polish!
  • Croaks
    Croaks Croaks Level 4

    This was not what I expected to play at all and I loved that about it. There were a lot of really interesting twists in the game from the get go, even with just how the puzzle mechanic does allow the player to choose when to start. That's really interesting to me.

    There is a disconnect here like the others mentioned, I think the biggest hurting point for me was that it didn't feel fair during battles. The hitboxes for the enemies need to be much bigger because I genuinely thought I shot them quite a few times. There also was very little feedback if I got hit by enemy bullets so I just didn't know what I was doing to get hurt.

    I'm super curious where this could go. The style is beautiful and the sound effects were nicely made. And props for in some ways prototyping two games at once. I'm looking forward to what you do next time!

  • Lyra
    Lyra Lyra Level 2

    Gotta be honest, this game hurts a bit. From the start, it has a silly fun premise, it's joking around, looks great and the core concept of creating your route is absolutely fantastic.

    The issue I have it that it clearly looks like your overshot what you were actually able to do in 48 hours, and the game looks like a lot of missed opportunities because of that. Which sucks because it's soooo promising in my opinion.

    Also, my main complain about the game is: what about the theme? The route-making/encounter generation is the main draw, and that doesn't involve any colors whatsoever. The waypoints are colored, sure, but they are more icons than anything else. Bummer!

    • baku baku
      Level 51

      Oh yeah I definitely overscoped. In hindsight, I am pretty disappointed in myself lol. That's where all the self-deprecation jokes come in. But hey, it's always good to get a reminder about where your boundaries are!

      At first I wanted different biomes corresponding to the different coloured pins, and it would influence the game more. Sounds super doable in 48 hours, doesn't it 😂

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    I love the idea behind this game, and I think that considered how hard it would be to implement you did a great job, but you can clearly see there wasn't enough time to balance everything. Still a really fun game.

    • baku baku
      Level 51

      ok hear me out

      what if you could also jump

      but had nearly 0 friction and acceleration in the air

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax Level 5

    Great feedback on the shooting. The map generation tool is clever and brings it all together nicely. I enjoyed playing this.

    • baku baku
      Level 51


      I think what actually brings it all together in this build is the textboxes. The map generator is cool, but because of time constraints the colours mean nothing, length means nothing, and I'm disappointed that I didn't flesh that out better

  • G-rizzy
    G-rizzy G-rizzy Level 2

    Very fun game, I really liked the concept of creating your own 'random' generated map from a mini game before the game starts.

    gameplay wise I didn't really have any good feedback of when I was being hit, or at least none that I noticed. The reload mechanic was also a lot less threatening than I first thought. Your gun reloads way faster than I expected but it totally fits the gameplay style.

    Shame you couldn't throw a boss in there yet, but a great concept with awesome potential

    • baku baku
      Level 51


      I always try to do unique and weird games for gm48, but yeah, in hindsight I definitely spent time on certain unimportant things, instead of stuff like hit feedback, game balancing, etc... and of course a boss. Oh well!

  • WangleLine 🌸

    👍 self-aware.

    👍 interesting and new concept.

    👍 fish with legs.