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In Sketchbook you take control of 4 characters: Square, S, Heart, and Illuminati. These are all doodles drawn in some persons sketchbook and are being attacked by other drawings trying to consume their color! Each of these enemies have a color they're vulnerable to (signified by an icon of said color on top of them). Swap between the playable characters to take down enemies with your nifty paintbrush and progress through the game! You can also ink platforms with their preferred color and use them to your advantage to trap enemies or to get higher up and eliminate them quickly!

Click here to see some gameplay


Once you defeat all of the enemies in a level, you will be able to choose one of three powerups. These range from subtle improvements (such as an increased rate of fire of the paintbrush) to game-changing overhauls (such as a wall jump)! Use these to your advantage to get as far as possible!

Let me know!

I've gotten to level 7, let me know on Twitter @ConradicalGames what your highscore is!


Mouse wheel - Change character

Left Mouse Button - Shoot ink

WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement

Space - Jump

R - Restart


Programming made by me, and artwork made by Jojo.

Sound effects/music


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