Run Little Ball Run

Run Little Ball Run

  • Tommaso D'Argenio
  • 4 years ago


I had very little time this weekend, this is the result of few hours work to the best of my abilities. I would have wanted to add more features and polishing but didn't really had the time.

This is a platformer/puzzle ish kind of game, based upon a very old game where you had this physical little piece of plexiglass with inside rails on which you have to move the little steel sphere through the rail's maze until it reached the end of the maze. Was funny and I thought it would make a nice game.

In case there are problem with the file uploaded here you can download the game from this link

In this game you have to tilt the window in order to guide the ball through the various floors to get to the bottom floor on the green door to win and pass the level

Each level the floor moves faster, making more difficult to win

if the ball get too close to the red bar appearing at the top it's game over.

Include basic music and sound effect, highscore

Coded in Game Maker Studio Professional Edition Graphics made with Gimp Font from Music created with SFX created with

All assets and code created within the 48 hours competition time.

Code: Tommaso D'Argenio (@tommasodargenio)

Art & Music: Vittorio D'Argenio

Concept: Tommaso & Vittorio D'Argenio


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