Color Warrior

Color Warrior

  • speedislife
  • 1 year ago
  • 54th

3 rooms of basic enemy's and a final (mediocre) boss battle to secure your release.

How to play

WASD to Move. Aim with the mouse. Left mouse button to fire. Scroll wheel to change color.

escape to end game. plus and minus to adjust sound. Project file in here somewhere too.

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Nice game! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • GooseNinja
    GooseNinja GooseNinja Level 3

    Only thing I didn't like were the sounds. They became very annoying after a while, and the volume keys didn't work. Solid entry. Good Job :)

    • speedislife speedislife
      Level 3

      Yeah I realised after submission that not every one has +/- due to laptops and keyboards with no number pads, next time I will use something everyone has like N/M or just a toggle.

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax Level 5

    I wasn't entirely sure how the boss mechanics worked. I thought I had to type my shots so that the colour bullet I have selected matches the area that I shoot the boss at. Turns out, that each round, it was random, so I just went through the colours until I found hte one that did damage and then killed him. I would also add a bit of variety to the bosses attacks. It was easy to find a safe spot on the screen where his bullets wouldn't hit me and just stand there until he spins. The sound effects were not bad, and the movement felt good. I liked the progression through the stages and the enemy variety that started to appear. Great job on your game!

    • speedislife speedislife
      Level 3

      The Boss needed to be hit with the smallest colour that faced left when you entered the room or when it reset after spinning, It really did needed to be much clearer some how though something to think on.

  • WangleLine 🌸
    • The boss is very easy if you stand in one of the right corners.
    • It would be cool if there were some kind of music / ambient sounds
    • I like the concept of the boss, but at first, it's hard to understand that only the small color does damage.

    Anyway, good luck with the game! ❤

    • speedislife speedislife
      Level 3

      Audio is something I really need to gain more knowledge of know any good beginners guides?

      The boss was something I probably should have put a bit more time and I have never tried doing something like it before, so some lessons learned there and a bunch of stuff to look into for the future.

  • Hikikomori
    Hikikomori Hikikomori Level 2

    This was kind of an addictive game, really responsive and nice difficulty! Got owned a couple of time at the level three with the tank on the couple first try.

    Visual are simple but loved the minimal style overall.

    Nice quick game =) Loved it!

  • Semo
    Semo Semo Level 1

    Just played it. It's trickier then I thought it would be! That's good! Controls are really smooth and responsive. Changing to the right colour was a bit weird with the scroll wheel but if I had played it more i'm sure muscle training would kick in. Maybe next time you could also add 1 2 3 keys so you could press a key to get the colour you want.

    Overall a good job for the time given. Well done!

  • G-rizzy
    G-rizzy G-rizzy Level 2

    Nice simple game with color as its main game mechanic. The pathfinding you made some of the enemies do was really well done although unfortunate that they all kind of smashed together and overlapped when following the player.

    Really cool that you implemented a boss fight, although not the most challenging boss because you could sit in its blind spot and just shoot at it. But the intention of what you wanted to show was definitely there.

    on top of that the game just functions really well, good job!

    • speedislife speedislife
      Level 3

      I think I know how to fix the enemy clustering may try to get a post jam version out to fix it, the boss is likely to be a bigger issue but I think I can fix the blind spot at least.