• Croaks
  • 1 year ago
  • 24th


Two thieves get trapped inside a haunted mansion. The doors are blocked by rubble and ghosts have started to attack. Luckily they left spare batteries and lenses in the rooms along the way.

This is a simple game with a ramp-up in challenge. Your battery is your lifeline so be careful with that light. Make it last. Eventually the next room will open and you can run. You'll get a new battery, a new lens for your flashlight, and a whole new color of ghost to deal with.

SPACE: Turn on and off the flashlight. Run when the time is right.
LETTER KEYS: Change lens (once you have them).

There's no proper end, unfortunately, but there are six lenses to make the game harder on you! Good luck and don't get attacked without any battery power.

This was made by one person. It's my first game, and my first gm48! I learned a lot and I'm looking forward to next time. Any feedback is welcome and deeply appreciated!

((And yes, I'm kicking myself that the score doesn't work properly. :) ))


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