The World Is Noise

The World Is Noise

  • Calvares
  • 5 months ago
  • Disqualified


EDIT: Needed another 6 hours to make it work properly Pls download itch version, version on gm48 is broken (idc about rating, just wanna you to play proper version).

4 weapons - 4 colours. Progress through to open new weapons and to meet new-colour enemies. You and them are shooting and doing stuff in the song's rhythm.

Disclaimer. Couldn't really finish this peace of game, overextended a lil bit. If you like the concept - I'll finish this game properly in a couple of days and will upload it to the itch (link will be here). First of all - all stuff that is already in this submission will work properly. Also there will be different music, variety of levels and I will add bosses. It was awesome and deadly jam for me (also the first!).


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