Lyric's Last Resort

Lyric's Last Resort

  • Etrenus
  • 7 months ago
  • Disqualified


Special Thanks to Taizen for the Music!

Controls: Game is best played with an xbox controller. Movement: WAD/Left Analog breaking:S Thrust:Shift/Left Trigger Primary Weapon:Right Control/Right Trigger Secondary:Right Shift /Right Bumper Color Change: Arrow Keys/ Gamepad Face Buttons

A poor decision to use the Green Color cycle for confirming stuff in the shop on my part, due to it being the A button on xbox, lead to it being kind of confusing on keyboard, it is the down arrow, and to leave the store at any point you just thrust away from it with Shift/Left Trigger.

Due to last second rushing, i wasn't able to test the mission system properly, so unfortunately the first mission loops and is the only mission playable in the GM48 build, and also enemies unfortunately die when they leave the room, but there wasn't anything put it to prevent enemies from flying outside the boundaries, so alot of enemies just end up dying on their own.

We're really proud of the direction it was heading, and probably 2-3 hours after the deadline it was fairly polished, we intend to add more content and release it in the future in some form. Thanks for reading!


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