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  • Lurk Games
  • 4 weeks ago
  • Disqualified


This game was unfortunately unfinished, due to lack of inspiration and tiredness. I really wish I worked on it more, and as cliche as this sounds, it felt like a chore to make it. Next time I'm going to try and make something more professional and enjoyable to play. For now, here's an early prototype could've been. I apologize for the puzzles not being thought out well, the tutorial being incomplete, and for placeholder graphics (like the backgrounds). There is still playable and enjoyable contents (at some extents).

Note: The game was made in 10 hours and 44 min.


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  • Tero Hannula
    Tero Hannula Tero Hannula 19
    2 weeks ago

    It looked nice and it was simple interpretation, you get smaller. The game had promising start, it was good entry for the jam. It had few things which gave more polished feeling. It is always hard for first timers, but these are good times to learn and try new things :)

  • AtomicDouche
    AtomicDouche AtomicDouche 9
    2 weeks ago

    I really liked the art. It has a very cute style. The lack of sound is problematic, as it also drags down the immersion.

    On the gameplay, it probably would have been preferred if you went with either time attack, or puzzle. The game doesn't feel as fleshed out, as it could have, because of that. The puzzles aren't really puzzles, and time attack only seems to amp up the difficulty. It's kind of a death state either way, but I see why you might have been having trouble making the game difficult otherwise.

    Making nice puzzles in 48 hours is quite hard, but the idea has premise.

  • PenguinCzar
    PenguinCzar PenguinCzar 2
    3 weeks ago

    So sad you didn't get to finish this. seems very promising. Good luck with everything. And Dang 13! Impressive. You are going to go very far.

    • Lurk Games Lurk Games
      Lurk Games 2 Developer

      Thank you so much! That does mean a lot, and maybe it will get picked up in the future? If it does, I'm sure going to have to redo the art haha.

  • Zugai89
    Zugai89 Zugai89 2
    3 weeks ago

    The size changing mechanic could make for some really interesting puzzles. If you combine it with weight (buttons, scales) and jump height you could combine a lot of puzzle mechanics with it :D

    • Lurk Games Lurk Games
      Lurk Games 2 Developer

      Interesting idea. Thank you for the feedback, very appreciated :)


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