Rapture Time

Rapture Time

  • kaynon
  • 1 year ago
  • Disqualified


My first game :). Learned a lot. Especially about checking time zones. I had a different idea for a game and then 4 hours later realized I didn't have the skill to pull it off.

If I had more time I'd definitely spend making it a more unique game instead of what basically is just reskinned asteroids.

Can't wait for the next gm48!


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  • Tero Hannula

    It had nice graphics and congratulations for your first game :) I think you based on this on GMS asteroids tutorial, but it wasn't just it, so good there. The color palette was good. Sound effects were too loud for shooting. The game got harder as you froze the enemies, managed to pull off something like 1440 points before there were too many enemies frozen all over the place to navigate ^^"

  • Fachewachewa

    pretty good! and don't worry, it's normal to emulate existing games when you start :) The idea to freeze the character instead of taking damage is interesting.

    Main issues are:

    • it's not easy to understand where the "forward" is on your character
    • shooting should be automatic when you press the key, and on a timer. having to press the key for each shot basically means the optimal way to play is to mash the key as fast as possible
  • WinuX
    WinuX WinuX Level 12

    For your first game this certainly isn't bad.
    The controls were a bit weird and made the game a bit hard.
    The game doesn't really fit the theme because there's a game over.
    But I really enjoyed the art and the concept of the game! Gamejams are all about learning, so use the things you learned for the next one :D

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 18

    Nice! Quite hard. I didn't really see how it fit to the theme, since there is a death state, namely running out of time. The gameplay was hard, but cool. I noticed however that some enemies didn't drop souls after they got frozen. Do the souls just spawn randomly?

  • Ivanbje
    Ivanbje Ivanbje Level 6

    I liked it, the main problem I found that on my third attempt I didn't start moving until after I had scored around 2000, I found it much easier to just stay in the middle. After that I had to move slightly but tried to keep my speed minimal. ended with a high score just shy of 2800

  • Nick Ver Voort

    I thought this was pretty good, like you said in the description it's definitely Asteroids-inspired. But the twist that the enemies you defeat freeze in place and become sticky traps is a clever and a good play on the theme since they don't kill you. The one thing I really missed that ruined my asteroids-y intuition was that your bullets don't wrap around the screen, so you can't shoot enemies through the screen edge. Other than that I thought it was pretty solid, good work!


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