Slime Jump

Slime Jump

  • Tumat
  • 1 year ago
  • 60th


Gather money and level up abilities to go even further.

  • Press Enter to launch.
  • The bigger the slime the furthest it'll go.
  • Press Retry to re-launch!


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  • Tero Hannula

    Just played it, it wasn't bad, some little bugs could be fixed, slime bit larger and bit more visible or clear that size of the slime affects how far you can go. The sound effects and music levels could be adjusted, as the music was too quiet and sounds too loud. But take jams as way to learn and try something new, sometimes you don't need to use theme, but it is good to try incorporate it ^^

    • Matdu Matdu
      Level 2

      Hey Tero!

      I think you're totally right, when the slime is small is hard to see it on the ground, and to think that the size of the slime affects the distance it'll travel was in fact a BUG that became a feature. It was my first time making a game from the beginning to the end, also my first time adding sounds to a game, all I did before was just platformers and topdown stuff with no sound, just as proof of concepts, so, this type of game and mechanic was something I've never done before...

      The thing about the theme is that "No death state" is a huge abstract theme, we thought that if a game had NO DEATH it would fit the "No death state" theme, don't matter the mechanic it had, it turned out we were wrong! haha.

      We did learn alot from this Game Jam, and hopefully, will improve and do better on the next one! Thank you so much for the time you took to write a feedback for this game. It really means alot for us!


  • Kyon
    Kyon Kyon Level 16

    Uhhh, so I did play this for a while, it was satisfying to get that little slime very far. But yeah, not really that original, + I still don't really know what all those stats were. I mean, I do think the first one was bouncing of the floor, but that bugged a lot. Second one was height? Which didn't really help your get far, I found out that it's better to keep that one quite low. The other two, idk.

    Also don't really understand the theme, but yeah, nice job anyway. Some explanations and tweaking would really improve it. But I guess there wasn't that much time. :) Keep it up!

    • Matdu Matdu
      Level 2

      Yeah, I totally agree it was not original enough!

      The lack of information also got me wondering what does some icons do, so does the angle mechanic, when you upgraded it to a high value, it turned out to be worse than having it at a low upgrade, when I figured that out, sadly, there was no time left for us to fix it.

      It was our first Game Jam, we did not get well prepared, and we lost too much time thinking what did "No death state" actually meant, so we lost track on time and it snowballed hard to the point we couldn't polish the game as we would like to. I would like to thank you so much for taking time to write this feedback, we learned alot from this Game Jam, and hopefully we'll do better in the future jams!



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