• The Mellyverse
  • 11 months ago
  • Disqualified


Tired of your boring 925 job? Yeah kinda repetitive.

Super random game made real quick by Prob, Jelly, and Rowan


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  • havik
    havik havik Level 15

    My long arm reached out. My hand went through the alarm clock into the floor. I broke the loop. Win. Haha.

    I had to retry so I could actually go through the loop - see what it actually was!

    Made me laugh with the long arm etc. I also died a few times and not overly sure why, but .. still, broke the loop :D

  • Richard
    Richard Richard Level 4

    Funny game, I hope I won´t get in this life loop anymore. I also wish I have that long hands in the morning :D

    Art and audio could be better. Anyway it is a nice short game.

  • Ivar
    Ivar Ivar Level 25

    Great humour xD (I literaly laught out loud) Can you control if you die or not? Sometimes i die without knowing why.

  • Kylazaur
    Kylazaur Kylazaur Level 4

    Game was pretty fun, there was a tiny bug where you could go through the alarm clock if you kept pressing it but apart from that, I had fun with it and liked your implementation of the theme


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