Tower Trouble

Tower Trouble

  • Zen00
  • 7 months ago
  • 44th


Climb the tower! There is no objective other than get a high score! Lord over your friends your mastery of this electronic gaming nostalgia!


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  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    This is definitely the first time that I see a Game&Watch-like game in the GM48, so bonus points in creativity for that, I gotta say tho, there could have been lots of ways to improve on the experience, there are only two kinds of blocks for example, which makes the game boring almost immediately.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    I wanted to stick with it, because I do enjoy these Game & Watch / Tiger Electronics kinds of games, but it got too boring so I quit around ~700 points. I wish it sped up every 50 or 100 points. As it currently stands, you can just keep playing this forever, since the challenge never increases (at least it didn't feel like it did)

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 3

      The difficulty scales from 50% to 95% ledges spawning every tick over 3 minutes.

      I figured eventually people would hit a "no win" situation where there were no gaps that could be used to avoid ledges. Guess I was wrong :P

  • Tero Hannula

    It was nice idea, but a bit underwhelming as a game, I got score 240 something and got bored ^^" It does go with resemble of with old LCD cell based games. I was bit disappointed that you could not use mouse to press the buttons :'c Maybe the game could have gradually speed up. Also it seemed things were not synchronized, they were in a bit offset, maybe that is one thing which sting a bit, but I am not sure did old LCD games refresh everything at same time (climber animation with falling things, score increase). But as what it was trying to do, it worked, it was nice little entry :)

    edit. Oh and old LCD games do not use pixels, they were cells, which were quite fine, so next time don't use pixel graphics ;) Think as one 'cell' is like a one pixel which only is black or transparent, difference is that pixel is shaped as a tiny rectangle, but cells can be shaped as whatever (and is large). Cells cannot change change shape, as does not pixel. Pixel graphics has many pixels to represent a thing. One sprite needs many pixels. But one cell itself represents one 'sprite'. But for animating with cells you need other cell next to previous, with different shape. One thing why it was used because it needed less computing power to use cells. As one cell is basically one pixel, you don't need to calculate many pixels to represent a shape, but only need to know what cell/pixel is light up. But because of this, it was quite limited.

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 3

      Thanks for the extensive feedback :)

      I would have loved to have made the buttons usable directly, but I don't really have an artist to help speed up the production. Making the background took many hours in of itself, let alone animating it :P

      The tip on cells will be useful if I do another one of these in the future though :)

  • Allison James
    Allison James Allison James Level 11

    Really quite fun for a game that harks back to the dark, dark days of shudders Tiger LCD games!

    You nailed the presentation, both on and off the lil gameplay area, so great work!

  • Panda-K
    Panda-K Panda-K Level 15

    The aesthetic really evokes the old game-and-watch games. I think these sorts of arcade score-attack games need to ramp up the difficulty, though, to keep the player engaged.

    Edit: Sorry! I didn't notice while I was playing.

    • Zen00 Zen00
      Level 3

      The difficulty increases over 3 minutes from 50% ledges to 95% ledges.

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 16

    Nice and simple game.


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