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  • You die if everyone in your village dies (be careful when around unfilled windmills!)
  • You win if you purchase a temple (200 gold) and you survive for another day afterwords!

The game might seem a little counter-intuitive at first, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. If you have any questions about anything in specific or want to tell me about a bug (there are probably many since I sort of ran out of time) feel free to PM me on twitter.

HOMELAND was made in only 10 hours (give or take) so if it seems rushed or anything, it's because it is (I'll be honest). I'm likely going to release a post-jam version in a week or two with bug fixes. EDIT: The post-jam version probably won't be released now because for whatever reason, I can't find the project file to HOMELAND and the version I uploaded to here isn't working... Sorry about that.

Thanks for playing!

Bugs that exist in the game that you should probably know about:

  • Pressing P to pause the game kills you. So to pause the game, just go to the shop screen
  • Sometimes villagers clip into each other when running in a group.


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