Spooky House

Spooky House

  • stubz_gm
  • 2 years ago
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Edit: Apologies for a lack of a curser icon in the game. I must have disabled it for last minute debugging and blindly exported the project. D:

WADS = move. Left mouse = shoot. Escape = Quit.

Oh God, where to start.

I ran out of time again but I'm not totally embarrassed this jam either. It's HARD to keep working in a focused way for a couple days straight. There's a sort of initiative that can get lost as my developer-fu is not there yet.

You can't die and there's no sound. In the last hour I had to choose between one of those things, or improving the player from a simple hitbox. At least the player has a face now. It's the things that I just assume will get done, that won't necessarily take a lot of time that end up not getting done.

This jam I got to figure out basic autotiling which was a lot of fun to use, and made creating the levels a synch.

This jam is super helpful. It's been a good lesson in time management and flow of work. Next jam when I need a mental break I'll switch focus to a lower priority thing like a few sound effects or sprite decals.


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