• Titanfist
  • 3 years ago


Place towers to fight off the attackers but be careful, they each have strengths and weaknesses against the creeps, and no one tower will beat them all.

Press 'B' to build, and use the number keys to navigate through the build menu. Press 'D' to destroy a tower if you start running out of room.

Automatically summoned corpse hounds will harvest the remains of the dead and bring their souls to you in order for you to bend nature to your will further.

Credits: All coding by James, including a fully rewritten pathfinding algorithm and tower placement/destruction system! All sprites by Phill including everything you see (except one font, see below) using Aseprite and Photoshop. All music by Tim using Ableton and his voice.

Font used for title screen is: New Wave Aztec by Cesar Galvan


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