The Roots of Darkness

  • Steven Miller
  • 3 years ago


The game is fixed! It is actually my game now!

How to Play:

WASD/ Arrow keys to move

Click and hold RMB on a root to go underground and use WASD or arrow keys to travel along the roots. Release RMB to come back up

Traps: Webs slow you and enemies down

Spikes hurt you and enemies

Spike Walls, Fire, and arrows are activated by stepping on a tile on the ground

Player-controlled: Water: LMB when it is outlined in green to electrify it

Cactus: Click and hold LMB when outlined in green to fire spikes. Move the mouse away while holding LMB to aim

Vines: Click on the vines when outlined in green to create a sharp vine. Hold LMB and drag to make the vine follow, damaging anything in its path. The vine will break after a certain amount of time, if a wall is hit, or if LMB is released

BE CAREFUL! ALL traps can hurt you, even your own.

Thanks for Playing! Steven Miller


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