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Pip and Waddleton

Ardeimon Level 11
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Pip and Waddleton
Pip and Waddleton
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What went wrong

1. Effort spread out too thin; quantity over quality

I focused too much on making the game stand out from the common genre during dev time that I completely missed making the game stand out on its own without comparison from others. Too much planned features to make, too little polish on what's actually already there.

2. Unorganized planning/project management

Unlike my previous gm48 entry, I didn't plan this out too much. The design, features and even the style was decided on the fly. This caused me to keep on doing stuff that may have been better as possible updates in the future rather than chocking them in the 48 hours of dev time for a stealth game.

3. It feels "hollow".

Aside from the lack of sound, by my standards, the graphics are underwhelming and disappointing. To think that the enemies have "better" animations compared to the main characters is just... annoying. Not to mention the lack of a premise that actually ties the whole thing together.

What went right

1. Somewhat pulling off a stealth game

Never could have thought of making a game of this genre. Despite its failures, I'm proud of what I managed to put out after 48 hours. In my history of jamming alone, I actually managed to make a playable game.


Somehow, using Path Editor and mp_* functions to make paths actually worked. I dreaded them once, I still do, but they did their thing, which is nice.


  1. Plan. Dev. Polish. In that order. Not skipping one.
  2. Should dedicate polish time instead of more content.
  3. Cliche but good > unique but poorly executed. It backfires. Like, A LOT.
  4. Have fun. Seriously.