Taking elements from TAG and portal comes a game where you take your gun and color the world to solve puzzles! Different colors apply different effects to your character, so choose wisely which one to use for a situation. There are 14 levels in total to complete.

CONTROLS (Not said in game so read!):

  • A/D - Move Left/Right
  • S - Crouch
  • Q/E - Toggle Gun color
  • Space- Jump
  • Mouse + Left Click - Aim + Shoot

(Some colors are disabled in each level)

The end of your barrel is the current color.

The color effects are listed below, but also discovered through the game:

  • Red- Low Grav
  • Purple- High Grav
  • Green- High Jump
  • Orange - High Speed
  • Blue - Low friction

Please play on a low volume, as I had to rush sounds. Post your best time if you beat all 14 levels! I finished in 1:45

I used:

  • GMS2
  • Aseprite
  • BFXR

Special Thanks to Naxos for his arc trajectory code fixes!

(Also ignore ArcTest file, it was a sample code I found to use as an example when coding the arcs, however was not used)

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  • Seltzy

    Zelda. Mario. Dark Souls. Color Gun. One of the greats.

    We stand on the shoulders of giants in today's gm48s.

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Good game! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/qBo44ANf_gg

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Interesting concept!

    • Like Bird suggested, the speed is an issue. You could also fix some of it by using coyote frames, some frames you have after leaving an edge to sustain in the air for a short period of time before falling. Otherwise, it gives you the impression that you fell while you were not supposed to
    • I also agree with Redbeard, an UI would have helped. You could predict more reliably what colors you are going to get next while seeing it better. I mean, it's nice to see it on the actual gun, but it would have been nice to have something more clear
    • Speaking of clarity, it was not clear to me how the mix of two colors affected it. Is the effect applied from the ground time related? Like, you're "coated" with a color, then it fades away about like a second? Because I had troubles to correctly predict how I would be affected by the juice (like for Roblaster, I am going to call this "juice"), so I had to "guess" which blocks I could freely color without worrying to be too close (like, I'd have 2 adjacent blocks of the same color, but since I don't know if it's fine or the distance it still applies, I had to do 1 blocks to make sure the effect was still applied on the player)

    Aside that, I found it interesting how instead of using 2 separate colors (like in portal 2), you could have 2 different color effects "mixed" to your player (we'd expect the momentum from orange, but retaining low gravity before a high jump was interesting)

    Dye Hard

    Dye Hard

  • Redbeard
    Lv. 1

    Thanks for submitting a game!

    I liked the mechanic of affecting the world with different colors to buff your abilities.

    For me the readability of the two colors and your selected color on the tip of your weapon was pretty low. You might have been better served with a small UI element to indicate the colors available on the level as well as what was selected. This would also let you have more than 2 colors on a level if you wanted to get crazy later on. Anyways.

    The shooting mechanics were pretty good. I feel like for a platforming game you might need to improve on the movement controls if you work on this some more. They were ok but didnt feel super dialed in (whatever that means).

    Obviously visually the art looks like jam art. The sound also seemed placeholder.

    All in all, an interesting mechanic and a pretty solid implementation. I think a few small tweaks could serve you well if you so wanted.

    Nice job!

  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    I think the mechanics were fun to play around with, but I needed some time to get how you are supposed to use some of it. Once you figure it out, you feel pretty awesome zooming through the levels. slider underneath obstacles and such.

    It was a bit short, and any real replay value is kind of missing, but the game was fun and I enjoyed it while it lasted!

  • Bird
    Lv. 1

    This game was a pretty interesting puzzle platformer! I think the idea of using a gun to change the blocks to do different things is a good starting point for this concept! And the ability to combine the affects of blocks by standing on both squares at once made the mechanics play with each other a bit, which I also enjoyed. It also fit the theme of the jam pretty well.

    However, I think the movement in this game might have benefited from something that was momentum based, and overall, slowing down the movement in the game might lead to more flexibility with how the puzzles could work and generally improve game feel. I got a bit frustrated when I'd slip off the edge, simply because the character moved ridiculously fast! I think my biggest gripe was that I had to switch to individual colors, making the controls a bit annoying to juggle around, and it generally felt like a halt since I'd have to stop, pick the right color, shoot the ground, then move forward. It made the platforming itself pretty unsatisfying to an extent. I also did not find a use for the purple shot type, at least for any of the levels that were in the game.

    Overall, I think this is a solid submission! With a bit of tweaking and reworking, you could have a pretty fun puzzle platformer to work with.

    • Surg
      Lv. 14
      Surg Developer of ColorGun

      5yrs ago

      Thank you! I really wanted to have momentum based movement, but I didn't have enough time to learn and implement it properly without making you fly through walls. I wanted to have color select to be a quick wheel menu that didn't interrupt gameplay, but I have no time management. Purple shot type was supposed to be used for some puzzle elements that I didn't implement but forgot to remove purple. I wanted it to make you fall through breakable blocks or quicktime obstacles.

  • Loates
    Lv. 10

    This game as Naxos said gave me huge portal 2 vibes ( which is great as I adored portal two ), I really enjoyed the concept and thought there was a lot of variety with the colours and what they did. The art was minimalistic, but that's fine as it still looked great and suited the game!

  • Naxos
    Lv. 7

    I really enjoyed this game! It gave me some good Portal 2 vibes! The controls are responsive and well done. Unfortunately I can't say exactly how long it took to beat, because I launched it, but then had to step away for several hours, oops!

    It might have been nice to have a little sound or something when shooting the color gun, when the projectiles hit the level, and when sliding across the ice! And of course music (I didn't have any either, so I understand)

    Well done!

  • jack

    I really really like the overall concept of this game. It's executed very well. The game could use improvements in a few places, like sometimes I had trouble sliding on the blue paint, but overall I enjoyed this game a bunch.



    • Surg
      Lv. 14
      Surg Developer of ColorGun

      5yrs ago

      Thank you! The blue paint was poorly executed on my side, and how I handled friction changes was wonky. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

  • Nosiri-N
    Lv. 2

    Its a really creative game that fits the theme perfectly i like how you get to mix colors to get past levels in different ways.

  • Robert
    Lv. 1

    Very fun and creative! Fits the theme excellently. My only criticism is that the sound needs work, and you have to add music. Great game :)

  • FrogWax
    Lv. 5

    Really enjoyed experimenting with the combinations of colours. A very nice puzzle platformer.