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1. General

The gm(48) is a quarterly community event centered around a competition, in which game developers, by themselves solo or in teams, must develop a game in GameMaker Studio 2 in 48 hours.

The gm(48) GameMaker game jam is open to GameMaker Studio 2 developers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Beginner or expert, young or old, artist or programmer, all are welcome in the gm(48) game jam community.

The gm(48) is sponsored by YoYo Games, creators of GameMaker Studio 2, and organized by community veteran Peter "tehwave" Jørgensen.

A game jam is a competition, in which game developers, by themselves solo or in teams, must develop a game within a time limit.

Game jams are an opportunity to learn, share ideas and gain inspiration. The restrictions and limited time force developers to think outside of their comfort zone, which results in unique and interesting games.

Game jams often give awards and prizes to the games that win.

Read our quick guide to game jams.

You participate by creating a game in GameMaker within the 48 hours from when the game jam starts to when it ends.

Before the deadline is reached, you submit your game to the website and add information about how to play, artist and programmer credits as well any known issues.

You don't have to register or sign up before the game jam starts and the game jam is open to GameMaker Studio 2 developers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Beginner or expert, young or old, artist or programmer, all are welcome.

We've collected all information in a nifty game jam guide for you to read.

Is the theme not enough motivation? Challenges are a way to push your skills to new extremes!

Challenges are optional restrictions that your submission may follow that do not influence the results of the competition, but may affect how you approach your game. It could be that every element (UI + gameplay) in your game must be voiced by synthesized speech or a narrator, or that all the graphics in the game must be represented by ASCII.

The challenges will be shown on the Dashboard when the theme is revealed. Completing challenges awards XP and are displayed on your game's page.

You can find the full schedule at

2. Competition

In a limited sense, yes.

You are permitted to start pre-production, which we consider to be brainstorming, storyboarding, game design document, etc, of your game before the game jam starts. You can't start production of any assets or do any coding. Even art sketches can be considered cheating.

No, but...

There are exemptions to this. Rule #4 covers all the details.


Yes, you can. We even have built-in functionality on the website specifically for that purpose.

Create an account or log in, then create your team, invite all of your team members and it will be available to select when you submit your game.

Yes. You can submit your game entry to the Ludum Dare as well as any other game jam, as long as your game entry adheres to the gm(48) rules. This includes only starting production after the gm(48) starts.

No. You must export and submit your game to the website before the deadline.

If your entry is disqualified, you can find the reason why and the entry's score on the Dashboard under Results.

We handle disqualifications on a case-by-case basis. Should we consider the violation or act that led to the disqualification to be severe, your entry may be removed from the game jam.

In all cases, a disqualified entry is withdrawn from the public results, and are not eligible to win any prizes.

Sure! We encourage you to share your entry with as many as possible.

We realise that it can be difficult to keep ratings from friends and family unbiased, but please do your best to ensure that your games are judged fairly by them.

We take the issue of rating manipulation serious, and we have systems in place to prevent it. We will take the necessary actions to prevent the competition from being unfair.

No, but many developers use the GameMaker project files to learn from, so we encourage you to upload your project, however "gross" it might be. Let's be honest, everyone's project is spaghetti code after 48 hours.

As thanks for giving back to the community, you'll get an achievement for uploading your project to your entry.

Drafts are perfect for when you're not finished with your game, but still want to get in an early submission without having the game appear in the listing.

There are two types of drafts.

Unlisted Draft: The entry page is restricted to anyone with a direct link to the entry page.

Private Draft: The entry page is restricted to you or your team.

Once you're finally ready to "submit your game," you can upload a copy of your games executable via the Dashboard, but only while submissions are open.

When submission ends, all playable entries will automatically become public, while non-playable entries will be deleted forever.

What is considered playable?

A game is playable when it can be downloaded and played without compiling the source. The project file does not count as a playable version of the game, as that would require compilation, which can't be expected from players.

The score is calculated using the Bayesian average method. This means that a game with one 100% rating can't score higher than a game with five 80% ratings. In other words, the number of ratings a game has received plays a role in calculating the score. That's why the averages in the rating categories doesn't match up with the final score.

3. Other

Great question!

The leveling system is a fun way to motivate yourself to play, rate and critique games, as every action you do on will reward you a sum of appropriate experience. Each level is 1000 experience. Everyone starts at level 1. You can see how you compare with everyone else on the Dashboard and Leaderboards.


  • Game: 1000 XP
  • Testimonial: 100 XP
  • Rating: 20 XP
  • Feedback: 20 XP
  • Theme: 15 XP
  • Reply: 10 XP
  • Vote: 5 XP


  • Level 42: Rainbow
  • Level 25: Gold
  • Level 10: Silver
  • Level 1: Bronze

Got any ideas on how the leveling system can be expanded? Contact us with your suggestions!

Yes, you fully own the rights to your game. We reserve the right to use your game for promotional purposes. We can't steal or sell your game. → Terms and Conditions

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