Every game jam must have rules.

We've tried to keep the ambiguity as low as possible, but we understand and respect that differing interpretations can happen. Please know that we always keep the human in mind, and that our ultimate goal is a fun, learning experience for everyone. With that said, please also do your best to follow our rules, as they are there to help realize this goal.

Press the rules to expand for details

How closely your game follow the theme, and how you choose to perceive the theme, is entirely up to you.

When users rate your entry, they will judge it for how well they think it incorporates the theme, which is something to keep in mind as you develop your game.

We encourage participants to use any and all tools at their availability to extend the functionality and usability of GameMaker, as long as the game is compiled using legally licensed GameMaker.

Any version of GameMaker, GameMaker: Studio, and GameMaker Studio 2 is allowed–including beta versions.

Your game is only considered submitted once a playable version of it is present on the website via your entry.

You can only submit one copy of your game to the website. Duplicates will be removed.

If you are unable to submit your game to the website, e.g. due to technical difficulties, please ask for help with submission, and include the necessary files and information required for a standard submission.

The following is exempt from this rule provided that 1) you created the content or otherwise have sufficient intellectual property rights, and that 2) you credit the authors of assets that you use to develop your submission, whenever it is possible to do so, in the description of your submission or in your game.

  1. Works of a derivative nature.
  2. Free GML scripts that can be considered widely known, e.g. (GitHub not included.)
  3. Content used for the promotion of an submission, e.g. icon and banner.
  4. Generators, fonts, logos, brands, brushes, loops, drums and instrument samples.
  5. Photos and recordings taken or made by you. Taking a photo or making a recording of an otherwise not exempt asset doesn't constitute exemption.
  6. Engines, frameworks, templates, plugins, extensions, scripts and assets, including any artistic content, provided that 1) they are available to everyone for free on GameMaker: Marketplace or, and 2) they were submitted for the benefit of the community. Submitting content to the GameMaker: Marketplace or specifically for use in the current game jam may result in disqualification.
  7. Built-in assets from creative software, e.g. AssetForge or Clip Studio Paint Pro.
  8. Memes. 🦀🐟🦵
  9. Assets provided officially by gm(48), e.g. Leaderboards for GameMaker Studio 2 and promotional materials.

Artistic content includes, but is not limited to, sprites, backgrounds, images, photos, artwork, sounds, music and recordings.

You can update your entry's title, summary, description, genre, engine, icon and banner as you see fit.

Artistic content includes, but is not limited to, sprites, backgrounds, images, photos, artwork, sounds, music and recordings.

Games must contain content that you have the legal right to use.

Blood, violence and gore is not prohibited. We encourage you to include a recommended age rating regardless of the maturity of your content.

The gm(48) welcomes participants of all ages, cultures and religions. Thank you for taking the extra effort in ensuring that our game jam stays open and friendly for everyone.

Hired work, e.g. individuals under contract, is prohibited if compensation is involved.

If you compete as a company, employees are exempt, but you must submit as a team, and this must be apparent of your team's biography.

The participants that do not meet this requirement will have their entries disqualified.

To clear any ambiguity, only written critique (referred throughout as feedback) is counted towards the requirement. Ratings are excluded and do not count.

Note: It is only the owner of a team, that has to fulfill this requirement, as the remaining members of a team is excluded from this rule and their feedback does not count towards the requirement. You can always track the current progress of fulfilling the requirement via the Dashboard.

Why: This rule is in place to encourage community interaction by playing, rating and critiquing the submissions.