Wondering what it would be like participating in the world's best GameMaker game jam?

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No matter your skill level with gamemaker, gm48 is great. It was my first game jam ever and I don't regret it at all, the feeling of community, simple website and rules, all lead to a wonderful and inspiring experience.

Nyveon Amateur
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GM48 is my absolute favorite jam to participate in. Everyone is very friendly and it's a great way to meet other Gamemaker developers while getting great practical experience with the software. I highly recommend that you join the Discord server to really complete the experience!

Naxos Novice
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I agree wholeheartedly with MintyPython's testimonial: "GM48 is an inspiring and inclusive event fit for beginners and veterans alike. There's no better place for GameMaker devs to really come together as a community and show off what they've got."

TonyStr Overmars
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Joining gm(48) has been a great experience.

I think Simon Milfred and I make a robust team and we have so much fun.

Will do it again!

Lone Designer
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It's the only GameMaker game jam that's worth participating in.

It's well-supported and every time I'm shocked at how good the game entries are!

It pushes me to be a faster, better developer.

Juju Guru
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This was my first GM48 participation and I must say it sure was something. I usually work on small projects in a relaxed 'a few hours here and there' way for several days, but forcing myself to do it all in 48 thought me a few valuable lessons. One of the more positive lesson was how committed I can become to it purely for the reason that there is a deadline to reach. But there was also the emotional part.. Making my game was an emotional roller-coaster from the moment the theme got released till stressing out myself and my surroundings close to submission time. Overall It's been great though, and I am very pleased with the result and the feedback I'm getting.

Because of that I am now in the process taking notes on all the feedback I get and continuing the development. So if you have any feedback/rating for me on the game that is much appreciated.

Chubb1337 Advanced
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Excellent game jam for any skill level! This jam really brings out the best in people and allows everyone, including myself, to grow their game development skills! I cannot wait for the next one.

BitRapture Adept
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GM48 2019 was our first participation to the gamemaker jam, it wasn't our first ever jam but having to compete with people who uses the same engine as yours, knowing that everyone have the same strenghts and limitations, yet all projects are differents and every game is shiny in its only way, was just an awesome experience and test for our team. We had an awesome time doing what we love, showing other developers what we were capable of in such a short time, but also looking at those talented teams make wonders in this same short time. Awesome experience, we will be participating every year!

Mohamed Walid YOUSFI Advanced
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So me and my friend made Fraug, The Mighty Prince and honestly it was the most focused on a project like this I have ever been. I got gamemaker like a couple months back and I had really only done one project and that was going nowhere. I was basically basing it all off of tutorials and stuff. But with gm(48), I honestly looked up maybe one tutorial. The crowd is awesome and I don't even care if I win. I had a great time and am proud of myself either way.

PenguinCzar Novice
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I'll be honest, developing this game was a pretty rough experience! Getting the pixel art for the black hole in the background was the most time consuming thing for me, since art really isn't my specialty. In fact, the black hole was actually supposed to be an object integrated into the gameplay, but it took so long just to draw it that I didn't have time to actually do anything with it! Also, I had more trouble using shaders than I thought I would, so I'll definitely need to work on that. Just goes to show, knowledge of EVERYTHING is important. In terms of code and gameplay development, it was tricky striking a balance between planning ahead and improvising. On one hand you need to plan for what you're going to need, and try not to code sloppily. But on the other hand you really need to hurry up and just get things done, so you have to decide carefully when it's appropriate to use a quick and dirty solution to a problem. I probably only got 7 or 8 hours of sleep the whole weekend, but it was worth it!

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I wasn't all that inspired by the theme at first but this might be the most innovative game I've made in the end.

I also really appreciate how jams force you to be as productive as possible in a minimum amount of time; I don't condone crunches in the industry, but small challenges like this are good, every now and then.

Linkyu Manager
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Phew! What a ride gm(48) is! I certaintly learned a ton from the jam, and it's inspired a game idea for me!

If you want be a better game developer in general, and spark some game ideas in your head, gm(48) is the place for you!

MulfoK Coder
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Arrr! colisions... Colisions! 6 hours on them and they still make weird things! Why they so hard for me! d'oh. About event: It was my first time when i join it and this was really suddnly event... It was interesting buuut... problems with collisions some little brouke my plans and some of content was not complete... some things work not in best way... but game work almost good and this is so COOL!

Rs11_s21_N Intermediate
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I had a great time participating in gm(48) number 30. I was lucky and everything just seemed to gel. This is my first successful game jam with Game Maker so I was happy it went well!

Nick Ver Voort Advanced
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working on this was grueling and fraught with setbacks. I know I wouldn't have submitted this if not for all the tutorials and all the people who lent a hand. I almost thought the universe was conspiring against me in the last 12 hours as I ran up against endless build errors and corrupted files (side note to self: get better at resolving git conflicts...) and even a power outage that threatened to disqualify me if not for peter.