This my first time submitting a game to GM48. This game jam was recommended to me by a friend in Knoxville Game Design. The last game I made in GameMaker was a game called Shape Quest that I created for a game jam in April 2016. My GameMaker skills are a little rusty, but I still remembered most of the basics. This is my first time developing a platformer in GameMaker, so I still haven't perfected getting the collision detection right.

The entire development stream of Miner Madness is on my YouTube channel. The total development time was about 9 hours (I didn't start until Saturday afternoon).

Miner Madness Live Development Stream Archive

Move with the left and right arrow keys. Press space to jump. There is currently a bug where you can get your character stuck in the ceiling while jumping. Holding down the space button seems to increase your chances of getting stuck. The level can be restarted by pressing escape (provided you still have lives remaining). Red rubies are worth 500 points and green emeralds are worth 1,000 points.

MinerMadness MinerMadness MinerMadness
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  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    It would be a decent attempt at a basic platformer if the collision wasn't so dodgy. You really need to figure out how to fix that since it's such an apparent issue. Try making sure the player has a consistent collision mask. Outside of that I would recommend increasing the gravity as the game currently feels very floaty.

    Though the the graphics could do with a bit more polish, they have an interesting style to them. I really like the voices, too. The music is pretty good as well, but it shouldn't restart at the beginning of every level.

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    This game is pretty bad, slightly below average art and ok sounds, with really below average stability.

    The bad collisions completely ruin the experience, and everything feels really clumsy, from the movement to the enemy placements.

    What you would probably need to make this game better is some polish, make the whole experience feel a little more pleasing and you'll go a long way.

    Definitely start with the collisions though, those make the game almost unplayable.

    Path Y

    Path Y

  • Tero Hannula

    Yeah, you could get stuck on the ceilings but also on the walls. Have you checked player mask is not same as sprite animation? This game felt like made by person who is beginner to Game maker as game engine-wise. I liked that you have made graphics other than as pixel art, it gives more unique style. Though of course it does need improvements overall, the player looks good may be. The music was good to have, though the sound effects should have been toned little bit down to same level as the music. They were now little bit too loud, but good that you had any. Game was really basic platformer by the core, collect items, avoid enemies and reach end. I did not reach the end of the game, as I got stuck couple of times, which caused bit frustration as I got game over because of them.