After some comments regarding lack of enemy types and lack of depth, I feel the need to state that every 5 waves there will be a boss and a change of enemies. 3 bosses, 6 enemy types, followed by an endless wave of random enemies. People who are playing this game for a short period of time will only see that there are 2 enemies in the game, and literally nothing more. So, I figure I should put this here.

Fleets of captains, crews, and deep sea denizens have come to pillage your vessel. Take action - fight back; sink their ships before they sink yours!

In Battle Bay, you will be faced with waves of pirates, ghosts, vikings, and deep sea creatures. Use your cannon to fight back against those who cause you trouble!

W,A,S and D can be used to navigate your vessel.

Use the mouse to aim and the left button to shoot!

Pick up Power-Up Buoys to gain special powers for a limited time!

Unlock an alternative vessel by defeating a legendary foe!

Programming by IDoZ, Art & SFX by Phops.

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