Update: A lot of people are saying that an enemy hits them right when they spawn. I guess I should mention this: when you first spawn, you can't get hurt for a second. It looks like you're getting hurt because of the red invincibility frame, but you're not taking any damage!

Bojangle's kids are all trapped in seemingly endless (wink) dungeons, and must use their very own muffin guns to survive.

Essentially the worst game ever made, "Bojangles and the Endless Buttmen Amongst Other Things" is something that should never be played. But if you choose to, here's the rundown:

-WASD to move -Hold left mouse button to shoot

This game is nothing without sound, so be sure to turn it on!

(PM on reddit if the game is too hard and you want endless lives, either to better see the game or for illegal torture).

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