Contin∞m (or Continuum if you don't like fancy pants titles) is an atmospheric sidescrolling exploration / puzzle game.

Guide little Ghost Friend through endlessly looping worlds in his path towards peace.


WAD / Arrow Keys: Move

Spacebar: Activate stuff

Enter: Enter portals

HINT FOR THE TREE PUZZLE: If you're stuck, try standing under the big tree and look for glowing stuff. When stuff glows, you can "activate" it with Spacebar. The fruit was going to fall from the tree at first, but I didn't have time to implement that, so the puzzle ended up being kinda weird.

Author's notes: I was going to add more areas with puzzles to the game, and the fruit was going to have physics, but ultimately I had to cut that due to time. I will very likely, however, keep working on the game, refining the controls and adding more puzzles, in the coming weeks. I see potential in this thing.

Thanks to JujuAdam for making the gorgeous sounds, and my friend Jan for helping make the creative level design juices flow.

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