Welcome to Endless Colour Chaos (ECC). My entry for GM48. This is a twin stick shooter with a twist. When coloured enemies die, they will leave some paint/blood behind. If you go into a coloured grid square, your weapon will have it's properties changed:

Orange does more damage. Pink can destroy bullets but is less accurate. Green bullets are bigger. Purple bullets fly faster.

Only 3 types of enemies: Small circle type - Kamikaze: They don't shoot, they just charge you, damaging you and themselves (you more). Square type - Shooter: they will try to stay away from you, then bombard you with bullets. Large circle type - Spawner: These have high HP and spawn other enemies. As the game progresses, more spawners will be on screen at any given moment.

ECC supports controllers (tested with 360 pad) and KB/M. Controls are:


Left Stick - Move. Right Stick - Shoot. Right Bumper - Screenshot. Back - Restart game. Start - Switch back to controller mode (from Keyboard mode).

Keyboard & Mouse

WASD - Move. Mouse cursor - aim. Left mouse button - shoot. Space - restart game. Enter - Screenshot. Left mouse button - also used to switch to KB/M mode (from controller mode).

Controller mode is default, click that LMB if you want to use KB/M.

The game goes on forever getting harder and harder. You have infinite lives and the scoring system is barely existent, you get 1 point for each enemy killed, that's it.

Known issue: Resizing the window or entering/exiting fullscreen mode will cause a graphical glitch, hit the restart game key (Pad - Back/ KB - space) to fix it.

The enemies do not destroy themselves. EVER. If you leave the game running long enough, it will probably crash if you're not destroying the enemies.

I hope you have some fun with my game. This is the first time I have entered a game jam and I have only been learning Game Maker for 3 weeks or so. I had bigger ideas for this game, leave some feedback as I may continue development of this concept.

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