Known Bugs:

: Games Difficulty does not reset unless you exit and restart the game. Pressing retry or going to the menu and playing will leave you at the difficulty you last died at.

: When entering the upgrade store nothing is selected by default.


Move: WASD

Aim: Mouse

Story Time!:

For the past few months I have been doing web developments and decided to leave the game dev world. After randomly opening the subreddit and seeing that the gm48 was this week I quickly joined in last minute. I am very happy that I decided to do this! Regardless of whether I decide to pursue web or game development in the future I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend and I already have new ideas pouring into my head to explore! Though moving past that I am not happy with the end result of my game, it has a whole bunch of flaws.

Things I Wish I Did Differently:

The sound is super annoying, I spent maybe 15 minutes on it. Should have dedicated more time to it. The, now upgrades, were initially going to be in game drops and the permanent upgrades were going to be cosmetic items. I just did not have time to change them up. The idea was heavily inspired by Geometry Wars and as a result is nothing to write home about. I should have spent more time on the idea.

Things I Actually Like About forever

It might not be every ones cup of tea, but I really enjoy the "lighting" I gave my bullets. After submitting I realized I had a slight issue with it and the boxes were not perfectly solid - not that big of a deal. I also took a very pure way at designing the menus. Previously I made all of my menus in Photoshop and made buttons out of objects, but in forever I drew everything with code in game maker. I do not think there is much of a difference in the end product, but hey it was fun. But! Because I took so much longer on creating the menus the layout (specifically the end game and upgrade menu) is absolutely garbage. So actually it was not worth...

P.S. I will probably go back to making menus in Photoshop, it is SO much faster

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