Each level contains 3 keys and 3 chests. The chests can contain Saphires used to unlock characters, health recovery, maximum health increase or the Key to get to the next level!

The characters are all unique:

Mervin - Making his way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and he's forest bound. Using his fist he'll take down anything that stands in his way.

Blanche - Has she lost her marbles? No, just her chickens. Now this diva is traversing the dangers of the forest to find her hens, and smashing skulls and eggs as she goes.

Hark - Hark angry, Hark smash! Hark is a mean street thug, looking for his lost puppy. Don't get in his way or he'll smash you dead!

Known Bugs - The saving doesn't work as a .exe file - If you choose to play with the source code you will not have to start over with 0 emeralds and you can unlock all 3 characters.

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