Move left and right into each of the spawn lanes with arrow keys. Destroy enemies to gain money. upgrade when you have enough money. Costs increase after each purchase. Some enemies get stronger over time. Game speeds up periodically and after boss fights.


  • dmg: multipies damage to enemies
  • hlth: restores 1 health
  • slow: permanently slows down speed a little can also initiate rapid fire?; its not a bug its a feature!
  • beam: damages all enemies infront of the ship periodically bugged?
  • CIWS: (MAX 2) automatically destroys enemies projectiles prioritises bullets off the screen sometimes
  • burst fire: upgrade to CIWS that fires 3 projectiles in rapid succession.


  • normal: moves down and randomly attacks
  • SIN: moves down and across in wave motion
  • SINSHOOT: same as sin but attacks
  • BOSS1: massive amount of health. slow wave motion. 2x attacks.

buggy! and fairly incomplete feeling to me. and the sound is horrible, dont be afraid to mute the application (sorry no volume controls yet.

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