Set in a futuristic game show, you play as a lone combatant sent in to fight to the death and put on a show in this bullet hell inspired, overly flashy, top down shooter.

An over abundance of flashy text never hurt anybody... until now.


  • WASD - Move
  • Left Mouse - Fire
  • R - Reloads
  • Q E - Switch Weapons


  • 9 Unique Weapons

  • Multiple Power Ups

  • Robust Combo System

  • Intense Action

  • Addicting Gameplay

  • Extremely Difficult

  • And lots of extremely overly flashy effects to make up for my bad graphics.

This is the first game jam I've participated in so leave any comments and I'll read them all.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes if you hit a wall in a certain way you get moved across the room.
  • Collecting a power up overrides your current power up even if it is a health increase or combo multiplier.
  • When collecting ammo, you don't receive ammo for the weapon your currently holding.
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