Gameplay Video

Known issues:
  • When you start the game, it shows you the gamepad control scheme instead of the keyboard one, press any key (other than Enter), and it will show you the keyboard controls
  • The tutorial is really fast, I'll go into full explanation of the game later... Starting the game from the main menu will make the tutorial sequence restart!
  • The music seems to have rendered improperly (weird noise for about two bars near the end of the song)
  • Sometimes, the game might crash when too many enemies are destroyed at once (buggy combo system, dang it)
  • Keyboard controls are meh
So how do I play this? (the in-game tutorial sucks)
  1. Lure enemy planes towards the nearest cannon
  2. Go into rainbow mode
  3. Let that cannon point at them (also, you're invincible in rainbow mode, so use this when a horde of enemies is right behind you!)
  4. Go back into normal mode, that will trigger the cannons (plane + cannon ball = DED)
  5. Repeat.
Keyboard Gamepad
Moving around ‌‌ WASD / Arrow Keys D-pad / Left analog stick
(Double) jumping‌‌ W/Space/Up A
Running ‌‌ X/Shift B
Rainbow mode ‌‌ Ctrl X
Mute audio F1
Fullscreen ‌‌ F2
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