As the player character, Anna, you have been tasked with cleaning the halls of the castle in order to rid it of the slime infestation. The engineers set up traps to keep the slimes out, but unfortunately they weren't phased and now reek havoc on the castle's interior.

You must navigate the corridors, and rid the castle of any slimes using your trusted combination Air/Bubble Gun.

Both keyboard and gamepad are supported, so you can control Anna in the following Ways:
Move - Arrow Keys/"Left Thumb Stick"
Jump - Space/"A Button"
Air Gun - Z/"Left Trigger"
Bubble Gun - X/"Right Trigger"
Reset Level on Death - Enter Key/"Start Button"

Now get in there and clean up some slimes!

Developer's Notes: I tried to make sure there weren't any bugs in the final product, but I know of a few glitches I didn't have time to sort out. Boxes and slimes can get stuck inside of each other, you can fix this by shooting the box with a Bubble. There is also a weird glitch where rarely the player sprite will disappear, but it is fixed by moving left or right. Use the reset button if you have any other/major issues.

Gamepad recommended for optimal gameplay!

All art, programming, and sounds done by me, Alan Danger. Art made in Pyxel using the included DB32 Pallette, sound effects made on BFXR, and music made in PXtone.

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