"200 years after humanity discovered alien structures near the star KIC 8462852, the first manned mission to the star is launched. This is the story of that mission."

  • Arrow keys or WASD (or Azerty / Dvorak equivalents): Movement
  • Push or pull mouse: Change depth layer
  • F11: Toggle Fullscreen
  • F5: Back to main menu
  • F4: Exit te game

FULLSCREEN is heavily recommended! This way the mouse doesn't slide off the game window, which can be annoying :)

(Oh, by the way, this game is very cpu intensive!! My mid-end gaming PC runs it smoothly, but my high-end 2011 laptop falls flat on its face. Your mileage may vary.)

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5

Does the game run badly on your machine, but still want to see what it's all about? Look no further than here!

Depth Drive Playthrough
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