Edit: Seems due to my lack of ability to explain my game you guys that have played it are struggling to know what to do. To fix this as I cannot in game I have revised game-play to outline the steps to take to get the essence to the core (this might still be explained poorly but I will keep trying until I finally see a comment that doesn't involve not knowing what to do).

To get the essence (image of essence shown in F1) to move to the core (image of core shown in F1) you will need to create grass to do this you need the following:
Select wind (is the white element in the 3rd place on the toolbar) Place wind on an air element which is a transparent white tile.
Select life (looks like a seed)
Place life ontop of wind to create a storm cloud
Now while it is stormy place life ontop of earth to create grass.
Once you have grass place the arrow on the grass and rotate it in the direction you want to go with the scroll wheel.
Once you have your path set press space bar to move the essence.

If there is no earth then you can create earth through placing life on life to create a cloud and then using wind on the cloud to create earth.

The essence has health and will take damage from the tile that looks like a nuke. To ensure this doesn’t kill the essence use a the sand element (water on stone) to absorb the damage.

Some combinations to get you started:
Wind and Life will make a storm cloud. Storm cloud enables Life on dirt to make grass. Water and stone makes sand which will absorb damage if the essence is taking damage.

There are "Humanity" elements that will hurt your progress and can level lock you so just hit R and you will get a new level. There is 1 aid element and clicking on it will show a yellow bar.

The generation is not perfect so you might end up completing the level without moving but hey its a work in progress.

Some elements need it to rain to work so play around with the sunny, rain and stormy weather.

If a flower is in the open away from a humanity element the game will crash.
Some times the core or essence will spawn on top of an element that can't be changed just hit R to restart.

Thank you for playing

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