'Omni' is quirky take on the platformer genre, and a try at a not-so-obvious use of the GM(48) theme; Environment as your weapon.

Team up with the PC-monk Omni, and combine your powers, so that your cursor becomes a deadly weapon, and you window a window into the world underneath your desktop!

To elaborate, the "environment" which is a weapon in this game, is the windows environment. This means both the cursor as an actual, damaging weapon, but also the whole package as your general "weapon" against the evil.

Control Omni with W, A, S, D and the spacebar, and use your cursor and the window to handle the rest!

Powers: In the window topbar you will see your "MANABAR" - when the full word is written, you have 100 mana. The max-size of your window depends on your amount of mana, and when your window is expanded, you will gradually lose mana. When your window is set to be small enough, you will regenerate mana slowly. If you press the "Maximize" button you will toggle between the biggest window size and the smallest. The "Minimize" button will temporarily turn you into a flying orb, but this will cost you half your mana. The "Close" button will, at the cost of almost a full bar, make an explosion around you.

To end the game, type out "end" on your keyboard, and to respawn in a level, type "restart".

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