Proudly presenting the primary, polished, portrayal of "PPPPPP," a particularly peculiar product of this GM48_16.

The world is ending and people are chasing you! Use the natural disasters to your advantage and take out the other people! But make sure you don't get struck by the same disasters or it is you who ends...

Basic controls also explained in game:

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around.

Avoid disasters and other people that spawn over time.

Lure the angry people into the disasters to end them!

More info:

The only goal is to survive as long as possible or gain as many points as possible.

Difficulty slowly ramps up over time. Bigger tsunamis, more meteors; not to mention faster everything!

People are worth more points the later on they are defeated. (16 person spawn limit)

Everything that hurts you does one damage. Periodically heart containers will drop that heal you one health. You have a short period of invincibility frames as well.

(If you enjoy alliteration, there are 81 different titles to be found when you start the game, which serve no use!)

(Warning: may contain programmer art)

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