UPDATE New version with some bug-fixes and few enhancements available for download at https://bit.ly/getRatEscape

This is a puzzle game where the player has to choose the right combination of traps that he would put on the maze to stop the rat's escape. (Use the environment at your own advantage by blocking passages and using the traps in the best possible way)

You have limited credit to spend on traps, use it wisely.

You'll be rewarded with more credits and points once a level is cleared.

The rat has a tendency to get mad if it can't find an alternative escape's route, so it may decide to cheat (i.e. travel across the emptiness of the black void, or nibble its way through a wall).

We had planned to put some more features and challenges (a trap freeze zone around the exit for instance, or increased speed/intelligence for the rat), but obviously we ran out of time. There are few bugs but overall the game should be stable enough.

I hope you enjoy playing it, honest feedback and rating is more than welcome and appreciated.


Music created with Otomata SFX created with Bxfr Art created with The Gimp

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