Fight your way through three levels, while gathering weapons from your environment and using them against the invading Muncher plants! Only you can save the ecosystem from total destruction!


-Left/Right: move

-X: Jump

-Up/Down: change selected weapon

-Z: Use selected weapon

-R: Hold to kill yourself (in case you get stuck)

-F11: Toggle fullscreen

-Escape: Hold to end the game.


-Stick: Your starting weapon. Use it to knock down trees, rip up grass, cut down flowers, or rip up dirt.

-Log: Throw it and it will roll along the ground until it hits a wall, or an enemy.

-Seed: Throw it and hit stuff!

-Dirt: Blows up when you throw it, killing multiple enemies or dealing huge damage.

-Flower: Shoots petals up, forward, and down. Good for hitting enemies in the sky.

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