Warning! This game is of pure luck and will of Gods of Random! Use your items wisely though...

upd. if I had an artist, my game could look like this https://coub.com/view/fkafn :P


  • Everything manipulated by mouse.
  • Press [Escape] to leave the game. Warning! Current progress will not be saved!
Even when you die, you achieve new unlocks! Four characters to escape from zombie horde! Check your items to be sure what to do next.

Grab everything you can from this random encounters!

Explore anomalies, and use them to get power-ups!

What is missing in this build:

  • More then one zombie in Zombie encounter (+increased distance between zombie and character);
  • Shots and explosions got low chance to bring even more zombies to your encounter;
  • Running away from zombie got slight chance of changing your position on map;
  • Failed runs will not bring zombie closer to you;
  • Every failed run increase chance of getting attention of more zombies;
  • QTE "Will to survive" - chance to not die with zero health.
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