Thanks to git bisect I was able to fix a typo and compile an html5 version (finally)

  • Protip 1: use git
  • Protip 2: a + + b is valid gml and is not detected by the compiler, but it isn't valid JavaScript

If you like water, you should play this game.

Dinosaur included.

Oh!.. and you can bite!.. or can you?

  • keyboard_check(vk_left) - do thing
  • keyboard_check(vk_right) - do thing
  • keyboard_check(vk_space) - do thing
  • Programming by madsbangh
  • Art by madsbangh
  • Music by madsbangh

As we all know, dinosaurs like to bite - so you don't even have to press anything to do it! You can also stomp on those evil humans to sink them!

Get as high a score as possible by biting or stomping all the humans and surviving.

This is my first GM(48) entry! Thanks for playing ^_^

Make sure to check out all the other participants as well!


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