A Quest

An ancient power protects the greatest of all treasures, the fabled Idol. Only the brave and the foolish have quested for this item, and not even the brave have returned. Will you be the one to claim the Idol, and escape the curse of the temple?


Play through 10 levels at two difficulty tiers. The first five levels are "easy" and the second 5 are hard. Each set of five is from a pool of ten randomly selected without repeats, so you don't play the same set twice in a row.

Run away from traps, taking the Idol to the end of the 10th level to win, while collecting gems to increase your score. Your score is multiplied by the difficulty level you choose, with easy being x1, normal x2, and hard x3. You will only score if you beat the game.


Movement: WASD/Directional Keys
Jump: Space/X
Sprint: Shift/Z

Happy plundering!

P.S. I am curious if anyone has beaten hard mode yet :).

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