You are David Dumbowe - it's like David Bowie, but a transcendent 5-dementional creature from deep space. You experience the whole human history as one moment, you are existing everywhere and everywhen at the same time. You can interact with people who affected science, art, or history, and as the results of your actions will have major effect.

People in this game are the actual representations of what they are famous for, like Newton can really change gravity, and you can't pass near Karl Marx with money. Spend the precious time of the greatest minds so they help you in your stupid platforming adventure!

Game is unfinished, so do not be surprised that some quests and items do not work!

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  • Tero Hannula

    Yeah, try not use installer next time ^^" The idea was good and the characters looked nice, but background was plain and empty. Maybe something 'dimensional' or eerie could have worked? The text bubbles could need some work a bit. But it was fun little jam game :)



  • abso1ution
    Lv. 7

    Interesting concept. People don't like installers so best to use a zip in the future.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    4yrs ago

    What I didn't was the lack of graphics other then characters and your description page. The game also has some strange animation glitches the the character continuing to run on the spot in chat. I also found the sound effects for convocations annoying at times. Also don't use installers they are really annoying i have to figure out how to uninstall this game now and also full screen mode really messed up my multiple screen display (its better to use windowed mode).

    However i really liked the art for your characters and the music. I really like the falling effect back into the level and the transitions are great. Its a very creative concept and you should be please with what you have accomplished.

  • damnscout
    Lv. 3

    First, really enjoyed the chracter art. Was able to recognize a few of the people there, was really cool, though I thought Ghandi looked like Stan Lee. Also, the jump was fairly tight, felt pretty good, and the movement was solid. Was kinda confused about the point of the game. The clues were far and few between. "Elon" was talking about Skyrim, but didn't want Skyrim. Kept moving things around, but wasn't sure where they went. Jesus didn't want the Bible, etc. Still, an interesting idea, cool stuff. Music was a tad loud, had to turn down my headphones.

    Note: Also, don't require people to install. Just allow them to download a zip and play.