Larry is an average guy however when it comes to the after life it turns out he is a master. He can switch from life and death in an instant by killing himself! Or by another force. He has 50 coins scattered in both dimensions, Larry had a hole in his pocket whilst traversing through life and death.

About the game: I did not have time to add in a win screen unfortunately so I am hoping that 50/50 will do! This is my first game jam I have ever done so there is a few bugs that I did not get time to iron out as I am not as adept to GameMaker as others. There are limited sounds as I am new to making sound effects.

Controls: Press Enter on the main menu to get into the game

A & D allow for movement W & S allow for movement on ladders Spacebar allows for jumping F in the overworld allows you to snap your neck Press alt and enter to go into fullscreen (I was just about to implement this until I checked the time remaining on the counter!)

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  • Tero Hannula

    I liked that little animation where you just crack your neck (put "guess I'll die" meme). It was funny little game, and well done for you first jam game :) I managed to collect all the coins, and then I found myself up-right corner, where was empty lighthouse? Anyway, somewhere there I decided kill the player and fell down to the blackness, as I was outside the playing area in other end. Well that was my ending screen :D Killed by the bullets didn't give you time when you return back, which was annoying few times, where bullet then killed me immediatly afterwards when I tried go back. The spikes had bit too unforgiving and unfair collisions. You could stand on ground, and die by the horizontal spikes if you went to the corner (without falling)- Also spikes blended bit too well to the background. By the way, you should add some control to player how high you can jump, it caused few unnecessary deaths ^^" Anyhow, it was nice game :)



    • BitRapture
      Lv. 6
      BitRapture Developer of Larry: The other end

      4yrs ago

      Thank you! And yeah, most of the points you made I was trying to implement in haha; I didn't manage my time very well so I ended up not being able to add the features I wanted into the game xD Once again thank you very much for the constructive criticism and for playing my game!

  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    Awesome game! Mechanics are well implemented and I love games the need their levels to be explored! I really had fun playing this and managed to find all coins. Snapping your own neck repeatedly after messing up felt somehow satisfying :D Great entry!

  • abso1ution
    Lv. 7

    Looks like I suffered the same fate as others and went into the dead world at the top far right and feel forever with no way to get back.

    The death mechanic is great and its enjoyable to keep track where you are in both worlds. I liked how they had different jump heights and the death animation was brutal and hilarious when you press f.

  • Chubb1337
    Lv. 2

    I completely agree with PenguinCzar. Loved the game, especially for it's simplicity. I found the top left to be rather hard as everything I 'died' I came 'back to live' because I instantly got hit by a canon.

    In the end I had 48/50 coins before falling through the world all the way on the right ;)

    • BitRapture
      Lv. 6
      BitRapture Developer of Larry: The other end

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for playing my game! :D and lol, I didn't realise how close the deadline was when I started implementing the right side haha. Once I submitted it I had the sudden realization that, that was going to be a problem xD.

  • PenguinCzar
    Lv. 5

    Great Game! I'm surprised I didn't have to pay! Absolutely astounding! Great mechanics, play-ability, and twist on the theme. I love the art and sfx. Great work! Although there is one problem, if you don't know where you are in the overworld and die you might end up in a wall in the other end. While there, there is no way to actually get out. I had 44/50 coins and I accidentally went into a wall and was no longer able to complete it. :( Other than that It was an absolutely fantastic game!

For my first gamejam I think I did pretty decently, it taught me how to manage my time more efficiently for my next gamejam and it put things into perspective in terms of how long it takes to develop it.

I enjoyed making the game thouroughly and I am extremely happy with the result even with some very prominent issues.

Result 25th