A clean, simple, run and jump style of game. Use the spikes to traverse your way through the stages and levels.


  • Space to Jump and Start game
  • M to mute my lovely 17s loop (keep it on for a little bit, but I don't know how to make music)
  • 1/2 to dec or inc window size (defaults to 512x3 by 304x3, if your screen is too small, just hit 1)
  • Esc to exit
  • R to restart on final screen.

Please take two things into account (but don't be any less harsher in judging):

  • Level design in this was hard/long. It took about 1h20min to complete one level, because one level is actually 3 stages, with 3 zones for each stage.
  • I don't know how to make music. I had a bit more time during this jam than last time, so I'm proud of the amount of extra polish I got to do in comparison. I tried making a little loop, and it also gets affected by the subzone you are in. I'm a solo dev and artist here, focusing mostly on dev :)
  • GMS2
  • Aseprite (barely)
  • Random free pixel font I found online
  • Bosca Ceoil and Bfxr

Sub 100 resets require a photo, post in a feedback or a DM to me to show up

  • Optimal Route (Perfect Game): 0 resets, 16 Parallel Changes
  • 1st. Fachewachewa: 111 Resets, 30 Changes
  • 2nd. Yosi: 224 Resets
  • 3rd: Baku: 235 Resets, 48 Changes
  • 4th Kwis 287 Resets, 42 Changes
  • 5th Loates: 349 Resets
Shameless Plug
  • Find me on discord @!Surg#4149
  • Find me on twitch for games and gamedev
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  • Tero Hannula

    The music wasn't bad, graphics were simple but they worked in this kind of game, also it was good that background wasn't flashy etc. I got stuck in level 2 part 3 :( Level design was good, though the game mechanic wasn't anything new. I enjoyed this :)



  • Fachewachewa

    Damn! so close!


    Nice touch on the "death: 0" btw :D

    I really liked the idea of parallel dimension, but I won't pretend I understood everything, especially the last "level", there's a whole part where the game kinda played on it own for a few rooms :D

  • baku

    Score: 0 / 235 / 48

    Neat twist on the "impossible game"-kinda gameplay. While every new area is quite overwhelming at first, failing never sets you too far back, so it's easy and quick enough to get back and try again. Some jumps were really tricky (the very last one before the game ends took me a bit, lol), but that didn't detract much from the fun I had.

  • Panda-K
    Lv. 17

    I really enjoyed figuring out what the different colours of spikes did, although the jumping felt... less good. Overall though, I was having enough fun to see it through to the end :)

    • Surg
      Lv. 14
      Surg Developer of Parallel Dash

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback! Do you mind explaining what didn't feel good about the jumping? (You can dm me on discord @!Surg#4149 if you want)

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    0 deaths 287 resets 42 parallele changes

    It's so difficult to keep up. Things feel messy and fast. most of the time you almost feel like randomly jumping at the right time as you barely get time to think.

    Aside that, it was fun. Just the fact that I kept playing until the end despite hating that kind of games shows it's not bad!



  • jack

    Cool game, but I think when you reset it should give you maybe a half-second-long break before you start moving again, because sometimes you unexpectedly hit a wall and are forced to suddenly reset, and before you even realize you reset you hit another wall. Also the layout of everything gets a big confusing, but that doesn't matter as much because the game sets you on a fairly linear path. Overall this was pretty good. I liked it.

    • Surg
      Lv. 14
      Surg Developer of Parallel Dash

      5yrs ago

      Yeah I thought about it, but then unless I invested time into a clear animation, people would start thinking you are, in fact, dying, when my intent was that you just lost your momentum and you are restarting. I'm glad you liked it otherwise!

  • Professor Stein
    Lv. 2

    A very good blend of simple controls, nice sounds, and difficulty curve. I can't say that I had a firm grasp of what was going where, but that is definitely apart of the appeal. The music going through different types of effects with that fun bouncing sound definitely made it enjoyable!

    • Surg
      Lv. 14
      Surg Developer of Parallel Dash

      5yrs ago

      Thank you! I'm glad you picked it up quickly. I wanted to add an animation to make it clearer what was happening between "deaths", but time did not permit. I'm really glad you like the music effects!

  • Yosi
    Lv. 46

    This is a fun game. I had a bit of a hard time understanding if I was making progress or just going in a loop but I eventually made it through. The controls are easy to pick up and the puzzles were interesting. (224 resets)



    • Surg
      Lv. 14
      Surg Developer of Parallel Dash

      5yrs ago

      Yeah, I figured there might be some difficulty in figuring out what was happening. In foresight, I wish I did some animation to make it clearer and slow things down. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • MulfoK
    Lv. 1

    Man, this game is really good! When I watched the stream, I thought it would be too hard for me to play, but just as soon as I started, I picked up the controls, just as easily!

    Good work!

  • Loates
    Lv. 10

    To start with, I actually quite overall atmosphere and style of this game. The art and music combined, while both simple on their own give quite a retro theme with vibes of games such as geometry dash.

    The gameplay itself is pretty simple and it is overall a pretty short game, as expected for a 48 hour jam. While I found the gameplay interesting, I also found it quite frustrating because it felt at times that you had to time the jump perfectly. However, with you not being reset too far away it wasn't frustrating enough that I ever wanted to quit.

    The concept of the game does nicely suit the theme, with you never actually dying, just entering a parallel world. I liked the small addition of deaths: 0 to the end card to show this.

    Overall the game was a short, enjoyable experience! By the way, 349 resets here.