Take on the role of the Chef Supreme, the world-renowned TV chef Harvey IV. Recently embroiled in tabloid scandal, you must battle against your own live TV studio audience to cook a celebrity guest a meal for the ages. Dodge flying food, use power-ups and operate kitchen appliances to vindicate yourself and avoid your show’s cancellation - only the finest cookery skills will get you out of this hot mess!

A challenging bullet hell with quick time event mini-games.


Fill the paws of the world’s most renowned TV chef.

Cook three fine meals.

Dodge wholesale food produce.

Use power-ups to dazzle your TV audience.


WASD - Movement

Q - Use Item

E - Interact

Arrow keys - Interact mini games

Tips & Tricks:

There are two powerups in the game;

The Spatula: this powerup deflects incoming food, use it to save your skin in a tight situation!

The Stopwatch: this powerup slows down the speed of incoming food, it is useful in long corridors to escape incoming projectiles!

Don't feel bad about losing lives, you're a cat, you have nine! You have three dishes to make, try to stick to losing three lives per dish to stay on target to your goal: Chef Supreme!

You have to be near the correct workstation (Fridge, Oven, Stove, Chopping Station, Plating Station, Presentation Table) for the Quick Time Events to work.

Make sure you checkout Chef Supreme's words for more advice in how to cook a tasty meal.


Jack McKeon - Programming & Creative Director

Sarina Washinton - Art & Time Management

David Smith - Music & Storyboard

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