Master the 5 elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Lightning. Elemental Balance is a multiplayer an arcade shooter in which you play as a wizard who shoots bolts of elemental magic.


  • Fast paced action - once the enemy is revealed, the battle begins.

  • No healthbars - if you get hit once, it's over.

  • Difficult AI Opponent - Good luck.

There is no tutorial so please read the following before playing:

Each element defeats the one on its right and is weak to the one on the left (eg. Water (Blue) beats Fire (Red)). Elements are also unable to defeat themselves.

Beat the enemy by gaining powerups (black and white) and mana, as well as by outsmarting it by taking advantage of its elemental weakness. A ball of Water can fly through a ball of Fire without resistance!

Mana is gained by shooting blocks of a given element. Blocks have strengths/weaknesses just like your magic. When you have mana for an element, indicated by flames, you shoot it much faster.


Q and E cycle through Elements.

W and S to move.

Space to shoot.

Enter to navigate menus.


  • Audio - nope, it's not broken

  • Multiplayer - I'm going to add local multiplayer to a new version, not for scoring

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