A man has gone lost inside his mind as he seeks redemption after loss, searching what past mistakes he could have avoided and which he learns from. What is left after losing your other half, and what strength is left to care about others. Is he able to carry on after he comes in terms with his grief, and is he able to handle possible another loss. Would you give up, after you know, it is almost certain to lose what is left?

Play with arrow keys, use X to use time manipulation (left & right to change speed). Space/Z/Down key to interact. F4 to go windowed, this preferable if you have performance issues (scale down).

This game was heavily inspired by Braid. I had no time to implement story, endings or all other things I desired to finish before deadline. I lost first day being 10hours in a bus, and then I should have learned to use Spriter Pro before this jam. Levels are almost copies with itselfs with minor tweeks. This is done in hurry to give at least some content, as I did not have enough time to make good levels.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDUWgzAkmrw [LINK TO VIDEO])

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