!Attention! = html5 version is not working, please play the windows version

Fight with your heart against the diseases that want to contaminate you!
Shoot enemies' bullets to raise your score and spawn poweurps!!
Stay alive and watch out for exhaustion!!!

Can you become a centenary?!

Good luck and take care of your health, you only got one :)
Tell me your highscore and longevity along with your feedback.

Thanks for playing!

More info:

  • Enemies (let's call them "disease vectors") are unbeatable, but you can stun them. Destroy their bullets so you can increase score and spawn powerups.

  • Your objective is to stay alive for as long as you can (and well, highscore, off course).

  • 4 stages, representing 25 years of your life each, plus a 5th "try to live forever" survival stage. As you advance in life, new diseases threaten your health, up to a total of five.

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